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Posted on 03/26/2023
What is a mortgage prepayment penalty?
Mortgage lenders make money primarily through interest...
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Posted on 03/19/2023
How to Upgrade Your Home's Exterior on a Budget
Whether you are putting your house on the market or just need a new look, there are plenty of exterior renovation projects you can handle yourself. The best part is that most of them are budget-friendly and easy to DIY. Here are some of the most affordable DIY projects to renovate your home’s exterior: Add a Path or...
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Posted on 03/12/2023
Hosting a dinner party: 4 Expert tips
Hosting a dinner party can be as malleable a process as you...
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Posted on 03/05/2023
Is a low down payment mortgage loan option right for you?
Perhaps one of the most challenging things about buying...
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Posted on 02/19/2023
The best plants for your living room
If you're interested in adding some greenery to your...
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Posted on 02/19/2023
Rec room: 3 Tips for remodeling your basement
When growing households experience household congestion, expanding their usable living space footprint by remodeling the basement ranks among the best solutions, especially when extra recreational and lounging space is needed. Along with the increased quality-of-life benefits, a remodeled basement reportedly delivers upwards of a 7% return on investment. If you are considering transforming a basement into a rec...
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Posted on 02/05/2023
How to get your household ready for home renovations with 5 easy tips
Home renovations are just a part of being a homeowner....
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Posted on 01/29/2023
Home insurance inspections vs. standard home inspections: What's the difference?
What’s the difference between a home insurance inspection...
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Posted on 01/15/2023
Ceiling beams: DIY Guide for beginners
If you've always wanted the contemporary and rustic...
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